The official name of Canton Fair is “China Import and Export Fair”

The official name of Canton Fair is “China Import and Export Fair”, that is a big name.

It shows almost every thing. So that people do not know how to shorten it by product it shows.

It is not held in Beijing, the capital. Nor Shanghai, the biggist city in China. It is held in Guangzhou, which the new name of “Canton”. Most people still called this city “Canton” when the fair is startup.

So people just call it “Canton Fair” to let others know where it is held.

But now, with the city name “Canton” into history. More and more people call it Guangzhou fair instead.

We lost all blog posts

Yes, we lost all our blog posts. Lots of memories. The post we visit many places and our photo gallery.

This tragedy happens years ago because we have not to upgrade WordPress for many years. The website is crashed because of a hacker attack, it fills a mass of trash that fill up the web host’s hard drive.

We tried to recover it but we found that it is hard to find the picture in that post. But we will still try. when we have time. Most of the back up in the Baidu cloud needs us a lot of time. Because most of the lost blog posts are all some personal stories, maybe some will never recover.

Now we start to look forward and start blogging again.

Just like in 2005, we started our consulting business by this blog, then we changed to soucing business by using domain in 2006, and change to a hotel booking business by using domain in 2007.

Now, our business is changed to the trade fair guide. Hope we can succeed again.