Canton Fair hotel pricing power back to the market is rectifying move

Starting from the next month the 116th session of the Canton fair, during the Canton trade fair in Guangzhou City hotel room rates will no longer apply the Government recognition of industry guidance instead of hotel enterprises based on market supply and demand determine the price. So many customers worry about their prices once let go, prices could rise sharply. There was even fear it would further undermine the reputation of fair and competitive. However, even if maintain the formal guidance, this price also can have much effect?

Since the 101st session Canton fair in 2007, during the Canton fair, Guangzhou hotel pricing has been operating under government recognition of industry guidance from Canton area hotel industry association proposed industry guidance, after Prices Bureau recognition, the newspaper published and implemented. This management mode has been carried out for over 8 years, about 15 sessions. But the official said that “relative to the number of merchants of Canton fair, oversupply of hotel rooms, and the Canton fair has been increased to three sessions a year, customer source to further diversify.” Authorities also said that the recent hotel occupancy during the Canton trade fair in the city is not satisfactory. This means government guidance in large scale has failed. As can be seen from another side, the hotels have been guided impatiently, and hoped the price can be fluctuated according to the market, in order to make money as possible as can, filling the usual market lows.

Now the government gave up guidance, which only lessens a policy restriction, not the most important one in many variables affecting both supply and demand, , and is Not to mention the price is valid for hotel, how many hotels have free outside the price, how many hotels over standard has not been punished. Smart businessmen alone have learned to avoid expensive way 10 years ago. They will rent houses, apartments, or even lived in Foshan and Dongguan city, and then rent a car from the city. Spontaneous adaptation in market is far better than prices limit such practices. Quit the Government limit, also means giving up the postures on high policy irrespective of the actual effect. Then returned market the ball to the market, as regards the rules of the game need say no more. After all pricing power back to the hotel industry, people will find that change is far not as intense.

Alibaba and the Thieves

Alibaba recently has sought the listing, known as the $ 200 billion market value, got some investment banks and media grovel, greeted with a flattering. Capitalists’ passion for the pursuit of profit, far outweighed the risks of alert. They are high on those numbers can not withstand scrutiny provided by Alibaba, but loosen the alert of risks beyond the numbers.

Alibaba as a company, with the culture of customer first, employees second, shareholders third, showing a image to bear the social responsibility at every moment, in the intention to be the leading light of the new commercial civilization, but at the same time, it is really confusing to do something against modern social values.

Alibaba recently lost the lawsuit in Xiamen. A female employees,29 years old, working in the company for more than five years ,was fired by Alibaba, because she signed paper with Fujian Putian customers for cooperation intention, violated the Sales Punishment Provision in B2B of Alibaba,  and the female staff was laid off are in lactation.

In the rules and regulations, Alibaba B2B business unit clearly provides not doing business with several customers, including customers in blacklist, high risk clients, customers produced and sold fake and shoddy products, which seem to have no problem, but it is a big problem to provide Fujian Putian people are dishonest customers and prohibits staffs have business dealings with the customer. It seems to be incredible in modern society .While the customers, signed with the fired female staff, household registration and the registrar of companies in Xiamen, was only born in Putian.

The fired female employees then filed a lawsuit, and defendants were Jack Ma and Alibaba. The main claim is that the rules and regulations of blocked in Putian, Fujian is illegal, is the geographical discrimination, and demanded compensation of 200,000 yuan. Finally, the court upheld its claim, and judged Alibaba to compensate the female staff of 130,000 yuan, and paid their arrears of nearly 30,000 yuan.

The behavior of Alibaba, it seems to break the record of China’s Internet, this is the first time that an Internet company blocked customers from a region unilaterally, which is almost unprecedented in the history of China’s Internet. You can guess that this affair is not an isolated incident in Alibaba, and there must have other discriminatory provisions in its rules and regulations, but had not been revealed.

I know that even if Alibaba did, there will still be people show applause to Alibaba. China is now closer to anti-intellectual society, and social consciousness misplaced, social common sense appears black and white reversed, but that is not new things. Fortunately, there are laws in this way safety valve for social control, with a fair judgment to tell you what is right and what is wrong. Although I believe that the claims 200,000 at first and 130,000 in final judgment, the law is far from clear-cut this ugly act expressed the position, is also basic denial of Alibaba practices.
Alibaba culture is nothing but a piece of rag used to cover and will be riddled with problems in the future, and their own enthusiasm level for the cultural is far less than concerns level of society to it. Otherwise, while they babble about anti-fake, Taobao does not appear so much fake goods; when they were all interests above the interests of shareholders, deleted all information of employees quickly, after the death of a pregnant employee; when they thank for its help capital without blushing, nor without the consent of shareholders has unilaterally stripped Alipay.

The enterprises like Alibaba, if in the United States, almost will be sued until it turns off his trousers, but it is a pity that was born in China. This soil for such enterprises in China was too lenient is the reason that they are aggressive, bossy, arrogant. China exists the geographical discrimination, but it often exists in gossip,and no single agency or company to be included in the regulation openly implemented. A company blocks region, and institutionalize it, but will also seriously implemented, results ultimately in court battle over end up embarrassing anticlimax. If it was translated into English and distributed in the world, what do foreigners think of China? You first class enterprise dare do, you are in savage society.

History is the most fair, and after taking two steps below the mirror of history, will show his true colors at once. The culture of Alibaba seems strong but actually decayed, which can fool some people in a certain period but can’t fool all the people in all the time. Within five years, you can realize the hidden meaning in everything what I have said.

No rise in deals expected at Canton Fair

The number of buyers at the spring session of the China Import and Export Fair, which is set to open Tuesday, is unlikely to surpass the figure for the same session last year, said the fair’s spokesperson, citing uncertainties in external markets.

The biannual event, also known as the Canton Fair, takes place every spring and fall in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong Province. 

The fair is seen as an indicator for China’s export and import performance, said Liu Jianjun, deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center and spokesperson for the Canton Fair, during a pre-fair press conference held in Guangzhou on Monday. 

However, Liu said the number of buyers was likely to be similar to last year’s spring session, which attracted 202,766 visitors.

“The world economy is starting to recover, but the future is still uncertain. And the international competition is getting fiercer,” said Liu.

China’s advantage in foreign trade has weakened, and its products have become less popular than those made in Southeast Asian countries due to surging domestic labor costs, said Bai Ming, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.

The country also has a long way to go before it can develop new trade advantages, which will restrict business turnover at the Canton Fair, Bai told the Global Times Monday.

According to data from the General Administration of Customs, the total value of China’s imports and exports reached 5.9 trillion yuan ($948.7 billion) during the first quarter, down 3.7 percent year-on-year. And the total value of exports fell by 6.1 percent year-on-year to 3 trillion yuan. 

The annual business turnover or value of the deals signed at the Canton Fair has been declining since 2011. Last year, the figure was $67.2 billion, down 2.15 percent from 2012. 

Wang Changyin, general manager of the overseas trading unit of Guangdong-based home appliance retailer Galanz Group, does not expect the event to help increase orders as much as it did several years ago. 

“The function of the Canton Fair seems to have changed in recent years. It is now more like a platform to display enterprises’ new products or enhance overseas brand recognition. Less and less foreign participants are willing to sign deals on the spot,” Wang told the Global Times Monday. 

Instead, more companies are turning to e-commerce platforms to find trade partners, according to Wang.

It is more cost-efficient for companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to use business-to-business (B2B) websites, “because they can avoid transportation and other costs by just using the Internet to find buyers,” Bai noted. 

According to Beijing-based market research firm iResearch, Chinese companies signed deals worth 3.1 trillion yuan with foreign partners on B2B websites in 2013, compared to 2 trillion yuan in 2012. 

This year’s spring session has attracted 24,581 exhibitors from China and abroad, 165 less than the same session last year. 

Given the boom in e-commerce, even fewer exhibitors will be interested in attending mass trade fairs in the future, Zhou Bin, a professor at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, told the Global Times Monday. 

But e-commerce will not have a significant impact on the traditional means of face-to-face trading in the short term, Bai said.


As Credit Dries Up, Smaller Companies in China Feel the Pinch

HONG KONG — Hunan Xinwei Bags Company, a manufacturer of knapsacks and handbags, is struggling to survive. The Chinese economy is slowing. Wages are rising amid a shortage of blue-collar workers. And competition from countries like Vietnam is growing.

But what has really hurt Hunan Xinwei in recent months has been a credit squeeze facing small and medium companies all over China. Exorbitant interest rates and a scarcity of loans at any rate have turned the financing of everything from raw materials to equipment into a crippling challenge for businesses and individuals without political connections to borrow at regulated rates from the state-controlled banking system.

“The current monthly interest rate that people like me are paying is around 3 percent,” compared with just 0.5 a month for regulated loans, said Yin Haibian, president of Hunan Xinwei.

The credit troubles stem from the central bank’s efforts to break the country’s addiction to the debt-fueled investments in infrastructure and real estate, part of a host of reforms underway. But the government is reining in credit at a time when concerns are mounting about the health of the economy, putting Beijing in a difficult position.

The latest growth figures released on Wednesday showed that the gross domestic product in the first quarter was up 7.4 percent from a year earlier — marginally below the government’s annual target of 7.5 percent. But much of that growth actually took place in the second, third and fourth quarters of last year.

As growth wanes, the credit problems affecting companies like Hunan Xinwei — and other short-term economic stresses — will test China’s commitment to long-term reforms. If the short-term costs are too high, the government may yet retreat to the time-tested approach of ever greater investments in infrastructure and real estate.

“The underlying economic situation is distorted. They need economic reform,” said Tao Wang, a China economist at UBS.

A welter of statistics in recent weeks has prompted worries that China, the largest single contributor to global economic growth, may finally be facing a broad, long-term slowdown.

Real estate investment is weakening as price increases have begun to slow after more than a decade of credit-fueled leaps with few interruptions. Investments in new factories have also weakened. And exports, long a source of strength, have settled to a slower pace as rising wages have begun driving some industries, like shoemaking and garment manufacturing, offshore.

On Tuesday, China’s central bank announced that the broadly measured money supply grew 12.1 percent in March, compared with a year earlier. That would be a brisk pace for most countries, but it was the slowest in China since comparable record-keeping began in 1997.

A series of senior Chinese officials have said that they saw no need for further stimulus beyond recently announced measures like accelerating railroad construction and redeveloping shantytowns at the edges of big cities. But a growing number of economists are calling for the government to start spending money on a greater scale to sustain short-term growth, even at the risk of continuing the rapid buildup of debt in the economy.

Railroad construction and shantytown redevelopment “should provide tailwind for a growth recovery in the coming months, but this is no easy task and more substantial loosening measures are needed in our view,” Goldman Sachs economists said in a statement on Tuesday.
Continue reading the main story
Continue reading the main story

At first glance, it seems extraordinary that anyone in China would have trouble finding credit, given how much money is already sloshing around the country. China’s broadly measured money supply passed that of the United States in August 2009, and it has been soaring ever since. China now has two-thirds more money than the United States, swirling through an economy that is a little over half the size of the United States’.

But after allowing the country’s money supply to swell sharply, the central bank has begun tapping the brakes on credit. Regulators have also begun to scrutinize more closely the activities of lending trusts, a semi-regulated sector of shadow banking that had been a fast-growing source of loans for small and medium businesses.

The first to run into trouble have been entrepreneurial companies. Many struggled for financing even when the economy was experiencing double-digit growth and now find themselves almost completely excluded from a tightening credit market.

The central bank has been gradually pushing up open-market interest rates, in the hope that competition will start playing a greater role than political influence in deciding who can borrow money. That policy could help small and medium businesses obtain loans in the long term, but it has had the short-term effect of pushing up borrowing costs.

Many larger businesses have turned to Hong Kong to bypass the mainland’s credit crunch. Arthur Yuen, the deputy chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the region’s de facto central bank, said at a rare news conference on Tuesday that officials had been closely monitoring rapid growth in lending from the semiautonomous Chinese territory to the mainland and were not especially worried at this point.

One reason, he said, was that virtually all of the lending was going to China’s biggest banks and biggest state-owned enterprises, and to the mainland operations of multinationals, rather than the small and medium enterprises that are more vulnerable to the economic headwinds. The schism in the credit environment is echoed more broadly in this vast economy. Even as certain sectors struggle, large areas of strength endure.

At the opening on Tuesday of the Canton Fair, China’s main international trade exhibition, throngs of buyers from around the world showed up to haggle with vendors from all over the country. In some categories, like household tools, China still dominates global supply and is starting to benefit as demand in the West begins to recover.

Leo Ma, the export manager for paint rollers at the JOC Great Wall Corporation, a partly state-owned industrial conglomerate based in Shanghai, was untroubled by a recent weakness in orders and said that his business expected annual growth of more than 30 percent to continue in the years ahead. “After Chinese New Year this year, as in past years, there is a bit of a lull,” he said.

But China’s knapsack and handbag industry, with dozens of small, fiercely competing companies, illustrates many trends now buffeting the country. Blue-collar wages have more than quintupled in the last decade as far more young people attend universities and as the “one child” policy has begun to reduce the number of young workers. Borrowing money to finance inventories of raw materials has become a costly ordeal.

All of the top international companies are reducing the proportion of bags they buy from factories in China and shifting production to less-expensive countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, said Tatiana Olchanetzky, a leading handbag manufacturing consultant who moved last summer to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam after 18 years of living in Hong Kong and focusing on southern China.

Within China, customers have become very conscious of labels, forcing companies like Hunan Xinwei to develop their own brands. “Business lately has been very, very tough,” said Mr. Yin, Hunan Xinwei’s president.



Play on the Land of Abundance

Sichuan called “the Land of Abundance” , it is famous for mountains and natural beauty : diverse terrain , Qingfeng Jing Yan , Dan gully dispute stream ; another show crown China ‘s history and culture : Bashu culture and long history,celebrity writer competing in large numbers.Indeed,like Shu embroidery , zhuyeqing tea, Wuliangye wine and other wines are specialty in Sichuan. Here we will travel in Sichuan.
November 23 early in the morning , five of us ( susie, Rita, Rita’s husband jason Ho, Xiaohui , and I ) meet in the Gold Rush Meet six subway stations , while Grace’s husband send her to the airport directly. After nearly one hour , six people gathered in the Baiyun Airport ,.we took a ticket and wait for boarding. Nine ten , the plane took off , we leaved Guangzhou , we arrived in Sichuan Shuangliu International Airport at 11:30 , and truly embarked on a ” land of abundance ” of the land , then began a nine-day tour.
After arriving in Chengdu , we found a dream trip Youth Travel , travel agents designed especially youth, colored tires, beer bottles clusters , making all kinds of antique wooden handicrafts, walls covered with photos and banners, pennants most Cycling Team is past Blair said.Opposite the stairs , a small curved staircase to the hall of the second floor attic,no direct sunlight, but dark faint light so that the entire venue remarkable quiet , elegant and leisure. Under the stairs is a big-block , wood, stone, made of clean, gurgling sound of water , always accompanied by a lot of to and from Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet line destined for hikers and cycling team , seemed sang batch after batch of young people never fade their youth. On the roof there are open-air terrace , you can enjoy the night , there was a big white tummy on the couch , his eyes was gentle, and it did’t afraid of crowd at all. 

Remove the luggage,of course,we must solve the problem of feeding firstly. Next dream trip Youth Travel is Wu Ming pot. The majority of consumers shop , guys go into them , and soon they will be open every eaten . Sichuan diet is different from is the famous for spicy food.The store is also fragrant chrysanthemum tea, a young man with his professional skills to help us to pour the water into bottle, right over tea kettle when received.Of course,we also had a handful of big spicy addiction, exhilaration. After dinner, we went straight to the Temple of Marquis Wu. Faint when you walk on the trails, howling autumn wind,compared with the shining in Guangzhou,the scenery here is totally different. We see the branches, saw the leaves, and hibiscus flowers , feel the cold to the North , and the fall scenery is not the same , we are all overjoyed.In the Temple, we saw a vague history and see the ancient loyalty and dedication.
Walk around the Temple, we came Jinli.图3

Jinli had many pedestrians , quaint alley, covered quartzite road lined goods have their own characteristics , crafts , gadgets , delicious street , this makes the entire street dazzling. Jinli ‘s Changqing three cannons, famous. Eat soft, taste like cake .图4

Jinli has a very tall Stroll.Wishing Tree around the street.the tree covered with peace symbols, and many tourists stopped under a tree , clasped his hands together, and have the promise of good wishes.

Along the road,we came to narrow alley. compared to the Jinli ‘s crowded,narrow alley seems stable and quiet. Roads courtyard houses are mostly constructed of brick walls which are gray , and quartzite Road echoed very heavy sense of history. There is not much merchandise,no snack street, the hotel down a lot, this has been commercialized in the alley , and even residents live in chambers towering seems totally unaware of the hustle and bustle of court , people to leave. They attention of the alley , like in the landscape , not in the picture , which is probably also lay the owner of the bar . Way to the alley , and it began to rain , then just dusk , passengers have umbrella together , do not have a flavor. 

Of course, the width of the alley have the service for clear ears, it is a very unique skills . It is said that in the process when clear the ears , people will feel very comfortable.
Walk around the narrow alley, we intend to walk back to the dream trip in the road.After a Kam, we have been attracted into it. Beautiful voice heard from the distance, lounge singer is a young man in a crowded street , in the autumn wind blowing the leaves rustling in the alley,.but he looked calm, sing a beautiful and vigorous songs.every word, clasp every visitors heart when they walk in the street. Xiaohui and I enjoy a lot in the evening and night Kam, the other four colleagues sitting clear it , listening to songs, drinking wine, chatting. When night comes, we reluctantly left the Kam, left the premises quaint and relaxed mind and returned to the dream trip hotel. We had a very sweet dream for one night, to meet the next day’s journey.
The next morning , as the late starting , we went Emei by bus, spent some time on the road , and we came to the foot of Mount Emei to unload the luggage.we ate a snack street stone fish which were find in the locals salvaged the mountains fish, it’s size probably only a finger. It was very delicious and fresh, worthy to eighty yuan per catty.
After dinner at the foot of the mountain to see the waterfall, says Emei “show heaven” , we view as well as rock statues,very beautiful painting.we participated in the campfire at night , young girls showing Hakka clothing, men and women, young and old surrounded finally,and we make a circle, danced is a harmonious and unitied scene.
The next morning we got up early in the morning on Mount Emei, under the influence of Buddhist culture, our hearts are all filled with awe. Car more uphill walk , the more dense fog, Bianbu Qing road , and there have been snowy. Ride to the mountain, the mountain to buy a ticket after the tour started to walk to the golden dome. Relatively far away , because the thick snow, the road is very slippery , we put a non-slip shoes.  psbCATNY6A4
Along the way we reward the snow , watching the mountains , stop and go , watch a lot of monkeys and meet a lot of cute little squirrels are foraging, we stop playing in the snow, take pictures, eat Chinese food on the way to top.
图13 In the pavilion of the mountains,we also met an uncle who carrying a thick items.He said he gone and back in this mountain for nineteen years, he helps mountain villagers to buy and transported some of the necessities which is inconvenient for them,they send this necessities from the foot of the hill to the top, nineteen years as one day.He did not charge delivery fees, when villagers want to ask him to stay and eat with them,he smiled and said innocently: I am sorry. How honest the uncle is! The good guys will be blessed. Along the way we clamp to mountains, a lot of pedestrians, many people, especially to get off the mountain, the higher up we go, the sun has gradually emerged. We heard the faint sound of snow break , halfway up a mountain of snow in the sun at the start to melt. Of course, under the leadership of Uncle, we found the hotel on a hilltop easily. To him, we have too many to thank , but also much moved.

图14Very fresh mountain air, the golden dome of the Buddha is magnificent. We then visited the hilltop building, paid homage to the Buddha, pray for some good wishes.
It has a Very steep cliff, but fairies around the edge of the cliff with a white top gas and another magnificent blue sky, even to the horizon, not far from the is added to the air of Heaven . Beneath the mountain mist, white, soft, people have the urge to want to trip up. Susie and Grace Lied under the sun on the lawn, very casual.  Five o’clock, as the sun goes down,the fog began to rise for the moment, the fog suddenly enveloped the entire golden dome.statues are vague mist up is not clear.
Trio decided to live the golden dome, the trio decided to live foothills. people live in hilltop views of the sunrise the next day, they were especially shocked by the sunrise.i want down to the hillside with two other friends, only to found that there was no car down to the ,we stayed in a family farmhouse with the night.
 the fourth day,we meet mountainside , ride to the foothills. When we back to the foot of the road, we view a piece of wood are covered with snow on the way, it was very beautiful.
 As the mountain has experienced four distinct views, most people appeared physically headache, vomiting and other symptoms. So on the fourth day at the foot of the hotel nursed and earning their own arrangements .
The fifth day, we went to Emei city center, stroll the streets, bought some Sichuan specialty, and we visited the Big Buddha Temple. Buddha Temple building like Beijing courtyard, simple and solemn, and yet lively.we tasted the special handmade wooden hammer sugar, and saw a tall cold stage. We had a carrot soup at that night, very light and sweet. Am aunt carried a dish free for our continued soup after a few people finish all the soup, once again we appreciate all the delicious food.
On the sixth day we evacuated Emeishan, transfer to Chengdu New South Gate Tourist transportation center. After unload in Ming Yang hotel,we went to Chun Xi Road,it is saying that Chun Xi Road a bit like Beijing Road, in Guangzhou.the majority of goods are clothing, it has a snack street around the Tang and Song dynasties, delicious things inside, clean streets, classic was quiet and not noisy.

The seventh day we split up, I went to the Ancient Town with susie.the town center is located in the east of Chengdu,it cost us for an hour. To arrived there. The Ancient Town brook, clean and clear.the sides of the house is beautiful, a lot of goods,but Hakka clothing is more. there are bookstores, crafts, sweaters and other products.facade, of course,is still a variety of snacks. Changsha tofu, Sichuan specially dried tofu, corn, sugar, Persia, and other delicious sugar-coated haws.people who live here are rich in their spirit. In addition to Grace, the other three to the giant panda, they felt the warmth and cute of pandas in Sichuan.

The eighth day we are all different, some people have a rest, some people shopping, some people visiting the base of pandas.















I went to the Sichuan University.the sun is very good, very beautiful campus, yellow ginkgo trees grow along the roads , there are many plane trees, leaves off the ground.though it is winter , for me, was full of late autumn. They fluttering in the warm sun, a lot of people holding the camera, with a lens that has left a beautiful winter scene.

Students on the grass, rickety stand countenance sitting.there are many foreign workers,they ate snacks, knock the seeds, chatting, basking in the sun was full of fun.for me,it just like i was back the old days spend in my University where is free and relaxed.
There are teachers and students together to discuss philosophical questions in Chinese arts philosophy and ethics office building.compared with outdoor’s leisure and relaxation,it was totally different. Out of the River Great East Gate, i went back along Riverside Road to Hotel, and saw the calm waters of the Jinjiang.flying eismowe, hordes of stay in the central water, sometimes swimming, sometimes pretty look in his shadow. lively, but not out of tune with the bustle of the city ,instead,it was extremely harmonious and mutually integrated. The bird with the city,without interfering with each other. I meet an aunt who brought me to visit Lang Kwai Fong, Lang Kwai Fong to SJF famous, SJF has a large cellar for brewing liquor, so -called first world Liquor Square. Along the north, and there Nanhe River House, at the confluence of two rivers there Hejiangting , I sat in the booth , watching the lanterns, looking at the bridge , and thought a lot. The distant tree, covered with a lot of green, tree artificial ” meteor” lights in the night jumping up and down , quiet but not noisy, greet and farewell with one person walking in a hurry to catch a home .
The ninth day, of course,we returned to Guangzhou.we got up at five, went straight to the airport, eight ten aircraft , because of the time too early, Sichuan airport full of the fog, visibility is,the plane was delayed for nearly an hour. Half past eleven we returned to Guangzhou while the sunshine meet this time,nine-day trip is finally over, everyone was very cordial when we returned to Guangzhou at that moment.
Basu land, this appeared in numerous poets, with its own pace and heritage of the past, watching in the future. The so-called side soil support people who live in the land of the Bashu people.Under the influence of this culture, people also have the achievements in their special qualities and feelings. Of course, for Jiuzhaigou Leshan attractions, because most people have been there before, we did’t plan to travel this column. This is really a worthwhile trip, eat, drink everything there, but also the feeling of Buddhist culture brings spiritual baptism;the feeling of the land of thick Bashu history and culture; the feelings of the town of amorous; David Panda hospitality, Kam and width of the alley dazzling,;University City a strong academic atmosphere;etc.we keep all this in our deep heart,we hope to have the opportunity to return visit, wha will be like the land of abundance and what is the difference will happen to her?


Huangshan (Mount Huang) Journey


After the 112 exhibition Canton Fair, as usual we had a journey that can go for a vacation to have a rest and know more information about China. After several days of discussion, we chose to go to one of the famous mountain and it is called: Mount Huang (Huangshan), which is located at Anhui province at China.


Huangshan is a city at Anhui province, it is a subtropical monsoon climate zone, climate is perpendicular change, and the climate is characterized by fog, humidity, rainfall, the highest peak in a mountain range has 1864.8 meters height. As local residence told us that the best season to Huangshan should be at autumn, it can see all of the tree leaves to turn red or yellow in the whole mountains and the weather will not be too cold or too hot for the travelers. If you will go at summer time, it will be too hot to walk around and the sun will be too strong for your skin, people will easy to get sunburn; if you go at winter time, it will be snowing or raining and the ground will get wet and slippery, at that time, most of the mountains because of the safety and security it will be closed for some time, so that it will be not too good if you miss out some of the good point of view, but we do not have time at autumn and we can only chose the winter time to go and bet that we can saw the good view and with good weather at Huangshan while we visited over there.


This time, we decided not to go with travel agent, we go there by ourselves, so that our own group which we are 4 people started to go for our planned trip, we booked everything (including flight tickets and hotels) online first, which we always do this as well for customers who need our help to book hotel at Guangzhou as well.


There only has one flight each night from Guangzhou to Huangshan, so that when we arrived at Huangshan it’s nearly 10pm at night, and the only thing that we could do was just take a shower and sleep for good. The second day of our trip was go to climb up to the Huangshan; while we still at Guangzhou, we checked out the weather forecast and it said on the third day of our trip at Huangshan would be a raining day, and we decided to climb up the mountain on the second day, because Huangshan cannot just climb for one day, it needs to stay in the mountain for at least 2 days one night for it. We took the cable car to the top of the mountain and started our sightseeing, when we dropped off the cable car, we can see the whole mountain has been covered with snow and icing all over the ground, trees and handrail, it was amazing and we got shocked at that moment, but we did not feel cold because of the atmosphere made us feel hot and excited. We climber over one to another one mountains, we saw lots of views that can made us said out “Wow~” from our mouths.


The best thing that you can really enjoy and should not miss out at the Huangshan is you should catch the correct time to get up in the very early morning to see the sunrise and catch the correct time again to see the sunset, it was beautiful, most of the travelers just wants to use their camera to catch the most worthy moment, even though this is “every day’s thing”!, but remember to check with weather forecast again for the correct sunrise and sunset time.



At that night in the mountain of Huangshan, we slept in a hostel, which it has around 5 to 6 bunk beds in one room, male and female will be in the different room, each person will charge RMB 80 for per night during the low season, because there has limitation on top of the mountain, and if you want to book a standard room just stay 2 people in it over there, the charge will be around RMB 1000 or more for per room per night during the low season, if it is in the peak season, the price you cannot be imagine. In our girl’s room, we can see the female foreigners whom are stay with us as well in one room, and they told us that were their first time to Huangshan and they planned to stay more days to look around the whole Huangshan Mountain. In the second day at Huangshan, we did not get up in the very early morning to see the sunrise, because our group-mate mentioned that we have already caught the sunset, it would not be too different, after it, we woke up at around 7am and kept on going our way, on our way, we saw the strange stone which it called: “The Flying Stone”,  and we met some wild monkeys in the mountain which they want to stole our food and water and we ran and laughed and screamed and kept them away from us.






After 1 hour walk, we went to the highest spot at Huangshan Mountain, which is “Lotus Peak”, it has 1861 meters height, when you stood on it, you can see the whole Huangshan Mountain view, and the stairs of Lotus Peak are 90 degrees right angle, you must use both of your hands and your legs to walk up the stairs. From the Lotus Peak can directly go to another famous spot and finally we were at “The Welcoming Pine”, actually, this is a pine tree, but it is the most famous place at Huangshan Mountain, this pine tree has more than 500 years old and most of the local travelers are well-known about this tree, there has one thing the local travelers must do is take as many pictures as they can with this pine tree, and same to us, we took a photo with this lovely welcoming guests tree as a souvenir for us. After “The Welcoming Pine” visit, we started to went down to the mountain, we used more than 3 hours by walk to down the Huangshan Mountain, and when we saw the “Exit” sign, we were so happy and yelling loudly, because our legs was so hurt and pain. We walked more than 20 kilometers for our 2 days 1 night at Huangshan Mountain.



Overall to this time’s journey, we were enjoyed a lot, but our legs also get some hurt as well for climbing the mountains one by another one. Finally, we wish we will have more journeys to go for in the future.


Visiting 4 Hotel

by Mandy


guangzhou marriott hotel tianhe
guangzhou marriott hotel tianhe


Today is a special day since I begin my work. In the afternoon, I followed the boss to go to the hotel,which is a long-waited opportinity to ame.I feel very pleasure that eyes and see the hotel with Minnie and Ansi and the other colleagues.So I gratitude all the people who give me the precious opportunity and show me the rooms.

We meet outside the CBS company about 1:00pm.  A sort of excited poured into my heart when I see the boss Ansi for the reason that I always have heard his name. He is very polite and friendly in the first time meeting. As I can see, ,there are 6 peoples visiting 4 five-star hotel s in today’s schedule.At last, we successfully completed.

The first hotel we visit is Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe,which is located in the heart of the Tianhe Business District and connected to the Metro statio and BRT station. The hotel’s rooms are mainly distributed in the 9-21 floor . Guest rooms and corridors layout is given priority to beige, giving a guest to build a kind of halcyon sweet feeling. Between each floor has a outdoor rest area, running a thin water sound. We mainly visited four room stype, respectively is luxurious big bed room, deluxe twin rooms, executive suites, business suites. Each room provide shower and bath crock. The most distinctive is the marriott bed,.I heard that is made by marriott group, which is very comfortable and spacious. Executive suite equipped with tea set, coffee machine and various styles of USB. There are only two Business suites on the corner of each floor. You can see the landscape outside form the French window of the room. In general, marriott hotel gives a person to feel quiet and comfortable. The room arrangement is more reasonable, but the only defect is that they will charge you RMB 120 per day to get into the Internet and buffet is also relatively expensive, RMB 368 per one.

The second hotel we visit Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel.It provides us with a good feel of Considerate service.The guest room are distributed in higher floor.Each floor looks like a three Angle image.We mainly visited three kinds of room,Deluxe Twin Beds Room, Deluxe Kingbed Room and honour suite. Corridor and room decorate with crimson Lord, which looks more fashionable. The room is more capacious, and you can see more clearly landscape outside the window.Its big bed is suitable for European and American body shape.

The third hotel we visit is Four Point by Sheraton Guangzhou, which is closer to pazhou exhibition. the hall is very big and sofa is very soft, providing free tea. Our partners can’t wait to t drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea there. The lady who Take us visit the room is very elegant.She politely introduce Comfortable Room,deluxe room (included a kingsize bed and twin bed) and executive suite to us. The setting of the room is contracted, which is mainly about bright yellow. Qualitative material of furniture is made in wooden, appearing a littele bit drab. But the facilities is completely suitable for business people.

The last hotel we visit is Crowne Plaza Hotel Guangzhou Science City,which is close to the academic city, surrounding with the green trees and breathing the fresh air. When i step into the hall,i feel very comfortable and natural. The hall is natural lighting, bright and comfortable,Placed a lot of books, flowers and plants around, giving a person a kind of very natural recreational feeling. Comparison of characteristics is a Vietnamese restaurant,which provides a reasonable price and Vietnam chef. Cafeteria is humanized by setting up a children entertainment area.It is reasonable,quoted RMB 218 per one (excludied 15% service charge.)We visited the luxurious kingsize bed room and deluxe twin bed room and executive floor. You can see an outdoor swimming pool outsid the balcony.All of the Deluxe room is equipped with printers and all of suite is consists of Four unity printer. The whole hotel provides free wifi,with convenient access.You can enjoy your free internet service .As I know,There are the non-smoking floors and smoking floors in the hotel ,you can choose what you want.And besides, You can enjoy special check in and check – out service and happy hour afternoon tea on executive floor.


In general,  4 five-star hotels we visit today provide parallel service and product ,and the quality are not much significant.But there are subtle differences in the room arrangement pattern and the restaurant’s Settings.

It is already six o ‘clock after visiting the four hotels. We finish this happy tour of 4 hotels In the Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre, enjoying our delicious buffet dinner.

Guangzhou Hotels Visiting by CBS Team

A Visit to Hotels – by trainee Ady

First of all, I would like to thank my company for offering me the opportunity to learn the difference between different room types of different hotels. And I feel honored that Ansi gave us a lift.
We started off on Tuesday, 14th August, 2012, with CBS colleagues (Rita, Grace, Lyn) and the employees from Lihua, Xiao Lin, Miaomiao and Lily.

guangzhou marriott hotel tianhe

The first hotel we visited is Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe. As located in the CBD of Guangzhou, there was a huge man flow causing we had a difficulty to find a parking space. However, we found the hotel lift easily because the hotel has a good direct in the parking lot. The lobby of Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe is at the fifth floor, so it can’t be very huge, however, the lobby is tastefully furnished with comfortable sofa and a lot of books. By the way, the reception has a good service awareness. The manager showing the way to us was coming very soon. After exchanging the name card with Ansi and Rita, she led us to the 11th floor, in the center of which there is a patio, which meets the guests’ needs of broad field of vision. Then, we were showed Deluxe Twin Beds Room, Deluxe King bed Room and Business Suite. All of the rooms are designed with the earth tones, from the floor to its wallpaper and facilitates. The earth tones make people feel warm but not very clean and bright. The wall painting of the room is the silver ornaments of the Miao nationality. It’ s very special to combined with the Earth Elemental and metallic element. The room is not as large as I thought. The decorations of the different type of rooms are almost the same instead of the size and some facilitates. Compared with other hotels, Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe is good at details. The material quality of the wallpaper can tell’, Ansi said. During the visit, everyone was asking some questions about the room and the facilitates according their experience. At the last, we have visited the meeting room. This hotel’s meeting room is featured with the design subject about the sea, such as the shell-shape of lights and wave pattern carpets. It looks very nice.
The second hotel we visited is Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe. Without any reasons, we had waited more than half an hour until the manager came slowly. And of course, it made us angry. What’s more, the reception is not solicitous. As few available rooms, so we weren’t showed many rooms. The room is much brighter than that of Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe. However, the taste and level of the room of Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe is much better.
Four Points by Sheraton Guangzhou is the third one we saw. It is located in the suburban district called Dongpu, thus the air is fresh and I like it very much. The manager showed us all type of their rooms. The color of the room is mainly yellow and black. And the room is the style of Minimalism, which is suitable for business guests.
We, then, visited the Nanfeng Hotel Guangzhou, which is sort of like a church and a vocational village. It is isolated at the Keyun North Road. Therefore, it is very peaceful to live. I did not see the room very carefully because the air of the room was unfresh.

Excellent visits to different hotels – by trainee Lin
I felt very happy that our company offered us the opportunity to visit the hotels. Maybe some one liked to appreciate the designs of the hotels in details, others liked to be absorbed by the overall layout of the hotels. But for me, I was fond of observing the staff working in the hotels.
The first hotel we visited was Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe. When we arrived at the hall of hotel, the staffs working at the front desk help us to get in touch with the receptionist. At the beginning of our visit, what made us interested was their hall on the 5th floor. The receptionist answered our questions in a very polite manner. That’s because the hotel was located in the center of Tianhe, which is quite convenient for the visitors to go shopping. From the rooms to the hotel restaurant, I had a deep expression on the receptionist’s politeness and patience. I love their services.
The second hotel was Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe. The hall was comfortable but the front staffs were not helpful. We spent almost half an hour waiting the receptionist, and it was quite unfortunate that the receptionist seemed unfamiliar with the job, which made us frustrated. What’s more, because the hotel was redecorated, all looked in a mess. I think their service can be better if their apartments can get in touch with each other closely.
The third place was Four Points by Sheraton Guangzhou. I loved it very much. As I came into the hotel, I feel eased at home. While the receptionist showed us the way to the rooms, I noticed that she looked liked to present us her own rooms. I really felt that I was invited by her.
Nanfeng Hotel Guangzhou designed like a royal house. It’s a good place for the visitors to have their own holidays. The hotel is surrounded by the trees. You can breathe the fresh air all day. I loved their enthusiasm during the visit.
When I reached Crown Plaza Hotel Guangzhou Science City, It made me really felt that I was enjoying my holiday. All staffs were dressed in a unique way. There were two receptionists to show us how wonderful the hotel was. I was truly appreciated the division of their jobs. It was beneficial to make their jobs efficient.
Finally, we enjoyed our buffet at Crown Plaza Guangzhou City Center. The food they severed was delicious and authentic. The staffs were warm and attentive. How excellent the experience was.
This new experience totally changed my original thoughts of the hotels. I learned that details make the hotels perfect. No matter how great the facilities they own, what they pursuit is to make their services perfect. And they hope that the customers will stay there again.

CBS Team Six Days’ Sichuan Journey

On the 17th December, our group of 5 people started our journey to Sichuan for about 5 nights and 6 days’ travel.

When we arrived, it was 17th December’s night around 8:30pm at night, it had something dramatically happened that the tour guide lost few visitors at the Sichuan Chengdu Shuangliu airport. And when the tour guide met those lost people, it was about 9:00pm. So that we did not even known the Chengdu city and we must went back to the hotel to finish our first day visit.

On the second day, the tour guide informed us on the first night that we need to gather at the hotel lobby at 5:45am in the morning to start our journey to Jiuzhaigou. We were catching the bus, the distance would be long(needs to take about 10 hours bus),so that we must start to drive in the very early morning. During the winter time, the Chengdu’s weather will be under 10 celcius in the morning, but the weather is under our expectation, because we thought we could see the snow from the sky to fall down and freezing cold before the journey.

After 3 hours drive on the second day, we arrived to Wenchuan, where is the biggest earthquake place on 12th May at 2008, as the rules and policies are very strict over there, no one can drop off the bus/car without any permission, only has workers to fix the road can stay over there in the morning, because that place is still very dangerous, the rocks from the mountains are tottering, sometimes it has falling rocks happen. There also has lots of monuments that we could see over there, for example: the school, the local residence houses, the only national road…etc has already messed up, and there does not has any street lamp over that places, it was because the mud-rock flow was covered everything at the year of 2008’s earthquake. The local residence’s economy is still poor, but the China government and most of the other cities’ residences were try themselves’ best to donate the money for them, so that they have their new houses, new schools, new sport stadium and bridges…etc for the local residence at Wenchuan.







The tour guide told us many cultures about the minority of Zang and Qiang. Zang’s residence’ religious is buddha, when Zang’s people died, they has 5 differnt type of funeral culture, including Pagoda, Sky, Ground, Water and Tree. Among the Pagoda funeral only for the top of Buddhist, after their death, the professional will dig all of the organs out of the body and use gold to wrap all of the body and put it into the pagoda. And the type of sky funeral, it is a professional carry the dead body and walk to the top of the mountain, the professional needs to pray and walk along the road, when it reach to the top of the mountain, the body needs to face down the ground, and the professional will use a very special sharp knife to cut off the body’s head off. The water funeral will be used the special Zang medicines and put it all to cover the body, after it, the professional will tie up big stones to the body and throw into the water. Qiang’s culture is special, their own white house with some special pattern will has a type of ram’s horn on the top of the house with white color to stands for they belongs to Qiang minority. Qiang’s culture has their own words and language, but they cannot write their own words now, but the language can still be speak it out.






We arrived to Jiuzhaigou at about 7pm at night, we visited the Zang’s residence house to enjoy their traditional cooked ram and meat, beverage and beer. After the meal, they showed us a very beautiful traditional performance, like dancing and singing.







Jiuzhaigou’s weather is colder than Chengdu, it is about 0 to 5 degree celcius. When we waked up on the third day’s morning, we can see icing on the ground, and the mountains with full of white snowy, unfortunately, we did not see any snow fall down from the sky.







On the third day’s morning, when we arrived to the Jiuzhaigou tour place, the tour guide left us to the local sightseeing tour bus and started our one-day visit at there. At there, we can see lots of natural view about mountains and lakes, the lake’s water are blue, some is green, and the peak of the mountains are full of snow, it was amazing and beautiful, and we did enjoy it very much. And we stayed at Jiuzhaigou area for 2 nights, at night, the weather decreased to 0 or under 0 degree celcius, and there does not has heater in our stayed hotel, but it has the heated blanket for each bed, and unfortunately, because of the cold weather, the water pipe has been freezed by the icing, and we were not able to have shower on the 2 night’s stayes at Jiuzhaigou.

On the fourth day’s, we need to waked up again in the morning and started to go back to Chengdu because of the long distance drive, at that day, we did not go to any of the tourist place, but the tour guide took us to many of the local shopping area, for example: the first place we went to the local crystal factory, it has all kinds of crystal for you to choose as a souvenir for family and friend; the second place we went to the minority of Zang’s medicines shop, most of the Chinese will know that Zang medicines are famous, because they are all from natural and it comes from highland area, but the price of the Zang medicines are also expensive; the third place we went to Yak’s house, it sell Yak’s meat as the main, and it all made by the local Zang residence, Yak is the basic family needs at Zang’s or Qiang’s family, each Yak’s value is about 12 millions, so that it means if one of the Zang or Qiang’s family has as much as Yak’s they have, the family is wealthy. After we had our lunch, we also went to the comb shops, it was made from Yak’s horn, very special and cherish. The final shop that we visited on the fourth day was the bamboo shop, Sichuan province are the panda’s hometown, so that at Sichuan, it has lots of bamboo trees, and the local residence will use the bamboo, and use the highest temperature about 1000 celcius to burn it, and make it as much as normal needs, for example: towels, tooth brushes, clothes, shoe pad, medical needs…etc. On the highway at Wenchuan, we met a car crash, so that when we go back to Chengdu, it was around 9pm at night, we were thinking about we would like to visit Chengdu on the way back to try the taste of Chengdu, but we still missed the chance, but we enjoyed the meal beside the hotel that we stayed, becuase we did not have much meat to eat at Jiuzhaigou, our group meal are with lots of vegetable.









On the fifth and the sixth day, we started our trip to Leshan and Emeishan. One of the famous point is Leshan’s biggest buddha has 1208 years old, it was built in the mountain, the buddha sits in the whole mountains, it looks very stately, the whole buddha has 71 metres height, the head has 14.7 metres height, ear has 7 metres height, nose has 5.6 metres, mouth and eye has 3.3 metres, neck has 3 metres, fingers has 8.3 metres height. At Leshan, it has a temple, called: Lingyun temple, it started to build at the year of 713, it has 1298 years old. After the Leshan, we took about 30 minutes bus to Emeishan, it has many years of history and there has lots of buddha temples around it. The highest location at Emeishan has 3099 metres height. There also has the only natural monkey protection area mountain in China, over there, the monkey are not in the cages, they are free in the mountains, the local residence called them as the genius of the mountains, they can look for food from the travellers, but they can attack people as well.







Finally, we finished our journey at Sichuan, we did enjoy some part of it at Jiuzhaigou, but also we met something that we never tried before, so that our journey are with smile and mad about it.

Panlong Gorge trip for CBS team

While the 109 exhibition Canton Fair time, we were busy at work and served all the customers from every country to help them find out  what they require and let them to know more information about Guangzhou and Canton Fair details, but we enjoyed it and we were happy about it as well.

For rewards, we planned to have a short trip for 2 days 1 night escape to Panlong Gorge; Panlong Gorge situated in Deqing county, Guangdong province, just like the forest, it has many trees and grasses around it. It is a good place for relaxing your peace of mind. After 4 hours bus from Guangzhou departed, we arrived to Panlong Gorge, we were amazed about the view of it, it’s beautiful and attractive; make people feel like goes to the fairy-tale country.

The first day of our trip: after we got our hotel room (in fact, we were not quite satisfied about the hotel, because the outer-face has been renovated and it had few dust on the carpet inside our room), we packed our camera and common needs and we gathered at the customer service centre to start our advanture tour at Panlong Gorge; we followed the tour guide and caught a bus to the top of the Panlong Gorge, while we were there, the tour guide said it has totally 102 waterwheels on top of the Panlong Gorge, different waterwheels will has different use, for example: used for irrigate, used for grind Tofu, ect.

After we walked for about 20 minutes from the top of the mountain to the bottom, we saw waterfalls. According to the information, Panlong Gorge has 100 waterfalls in more than 100 hectares composed of large and small waterfalls in the Deqing county, so that the official named “Panlong Gorge waterfalls” to the Asian Rare, the largest waterfalls in Guangzhou Province.  One of the most famous waterfall is called “Dragon fly waterfall”, it can drop 90 metres height.

In the Panlong Gorge, it has some thrilling and exciting activities that you can enjoy, like rafting, this game’s plays with no more than 2 people in a rubber boat and floating on the river with the total length of 4800 metres,  the river’s speed will getting more fast and the drops will over hundred metres in total.  Another thrilling activity will be “Ziptrek”, between 2 mountains and on the toppest side of the river , it has the long and iron made steel that use of wood hook, thong made ??slippery tools, shuttle to and from both sides to make people feel like flying in the sky.

Panlong Gorge another attractive point is lavender garden, but we missed the high season for the lavender, so that we can only see some of the beautiful lavender flowers. At night, we went to have hot pools, it has different types of hot pools in it, like coffee pool, rose pool, massage pool and Chinese herbal pool, also it has swimming pool as well, during the summer time, it will be a good place to relax and enjoy in Panlong Gorge.

The special dish at Panlong Gorge will be “Mud braised chicken”, the taste is salty, and the meat is soft and tender, it made by the localism, the cost of each chicken is reasonable, most of the tourists will order it for the special taste.

Finally, our short trip to Panlong Gorge was funny and happy and we got nice relax for ourselves, but our tip is the best month for travel to Panlong Gorge will be May till August these period of time, you will see what you cannot see in the city and you can enjoy what you have never tried before.

by CBS Team